The Territory of Growth

The Orenburg Region is a strong and politically stable region of Russia with highly developed economy and social infrastructure. Significant industrial potential and developed agriculture, rich natural resources and dynamically developing scientific, technical and finance and credit spheres together with flexible support conditions make the Region one of the most profitable for investments.



k km2



bln Rub



mln people

monthly wage


k Rub

Average cost
of living


k Rub






bln Rub

Foreign direct


mln $

Main Region’s data

Climatic conditions

Natural resources

  • Natural and climatic area

    forest steppe, steppe

  • Sunny days annually


  • Annual rainfall, mm


  • January day temperature°C


  • July day temperature°C


  • Arable farming, month


  • Percentage of agricultural land development


  • Deposits


  • Types of minerals


  • Cu

    Copperk t


  • Zn

    Zinkk t


  • Pb

    Leadk t


  • Oilmln t


  • Gasbln m3


  • Recreation resources

    Salt lakes, nature reserves

Gross regional product structure, %

  • 36,9Mining operations
  • 11,9Manufacturing
  • 9,0Agriculture and forestry
  • 7,6Wholesale and retail trade
  • 6,7Construction
  • 6,5Transport and communications
  • 4,1Production and distribution of electric power, gas and water
  • 17,3Other

Main industries

  • Machinery and equipment manufacture
  • Fuel industry
  • Chemical and Petrochemical industry
  • Ferrous metallurgy
  • Electric-power industry

Investment priorities in production sector

  • Metallurgical production
  • Machinery and equipment manufacture
  • Construction
  • Chemical and Petrochemical industry
  • Cultivated land,mln ha


  • All-Russia surface share%


  • Place in Russia in terms of cultivated land


  • Harvested grain in 2016,mln t


  • Grain yield in 2016,c/ha


  • Cattlek heads (at 2015 year-end)


  • Share of households in total output% (2015)


Agricultural productsbln rub
Production of meatk t
Production of milkk t

Aviation, road and railway network



REN, international, State Unitary Enterprise of the Orenburg Region “Mezhdunarodny aeroport “Orenburg”


OSW, international, State Unitary Enterprise “Aeroport Orsk”


“Orenburg Logistic Centre”


“PEK” company




Surface transport

  • Paved roadsk km


  • Railroads lengthk km


  • Annual surface transport passenger trafficmln people


  • Oil and gas transmission systemsk km


  • Navigation season

    April – October

  • Universities


  • Studentsk pl


  • Areas of study


  • Specialties


  • Specialists with higher educationk pl


  • Scientific projects implemented annually


  • Research costsmln rub, 2016


  • Advanced technologies in use


  • Banking units, total


  • Active credit companies


  • Regional banks


  • Out-of-region banks


Major out-of-region banks
Cost of renting,k rub/m2
Warehouse and production facilities
  • Class А


  • Class B


  • Class C


  • Class А


  • Class B


  • Class C


Sales area
  • Class А


  • Class B


  • Class C


Tax rates in percent
  • Property tax rate


  • Profit tax rate


  • Land tax rate


Utility rates
  • Electric powerrub/kWh


  • Gasrub/kWh


  • Water supplyrub/m3


Cost of electrical grid connection
  • 15 kWrub


  • 750 kWk rub



Orenburzhye: be successful together!

Districts and urban okrugs:
Major towns:

  • Orenburg Region

    Federal District:Volga Federal District

    Administrative centre:Orenburg

    TimezoneUTC +6 / MSK +2

    Distance from Moscow1475

    Fight time from Moscow – 2 hours

  • Orenburg District



    The district is rich in natural resources and minerals: gas condensate and oil fields, brick and keramzite clays, sand and gravel mix, limestone, etc.

    The leading sector of the economy is agriculture. Specializes in gran and meat-and-dairy production.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 6,3 MB
    Official site




    The leading places in Orenburg industry belong to gas production and gas processing industries, machine building and metalwork. The chemical industry, food and textile industries are also developed. The main enterprises: LLC “Gazprom dobycha Orenburg”, JSC “PO “Strela”, JSC “Invertor”, Orenburg Stankozavod.

  • Abdulinsky urban okrug




    Developed agriculture (wheat, rye, barley, oats, buckwheat, cattle, pig farms, horse breeding).

    Limestone, gypsum and ochre deposits are being developed, a group of oil and gas fields has been developed.

    Abdulino is a railway station of Kuibyshev railway, it is in the centre of the triangle Orenburg (300 km) — Samara (300 km) — Ufa (300 km).

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 5 MB
    Abdulinsky urban okrug site
  • Adamovsky district




    Agriculture remains the main sector of the economy, the main activity is grain production.

    Minerals: copper, silver, gold, quarts.

    There are 9 small entities, 150 farms and 11 large agricultural enterprises on the territory.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 4,4 MB
    Official site
  • Akbulaksky district




    Specialization — agriculture: grain growing (third part of area is ploughland), meat-and-dairy and wool industries.

    Here is a car checkpoint on the border with Kazakhstan, serving citizens of all countries of the world.

    There are reserves of chalk, sand and clay for the production of building materials. Industrial oil and gas production is underway, geological exploration is conducted.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 5,3 MB
    Official site
  • Aleksandrovsky district




    The economic potential is based on the development of agriculture: crop production, meat-and-dairy cattle farming, sheep breeding and pig farming.

    The main mineral resources are oil, brick clay, clays for drilling fluids. At present 4 hydrocarbon deposits are being developed.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 1,9 MB
    Official site
  • Asekeevsky district




    Natural conditions are favourable for successful agricultural operations, which are the main in the district. Farmland occupies 79.6% of the area, out of this 64.3% is ploughland, 2.0 % — heyfields, and 13.3 % — pastures.

    There are also oil fields. LLC «Buguruslanneft» operates 10 oil fields.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 3,5 MB
    Official site
  • Belyayevsky district




    The main specialization is production of agricultural products: grain, meat, and milk.

    The industry is represented by OJSC “YzhUralgips” and FGA “Belyayevsky Leskhoz”. Minerals: oil, gas, copper ore, brick clay.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 5 MB
    Official site
  • Buguruslansky District




    The main branch of economy is agriculture. Households specialize in grain and milk production, sunflower, cattle meat and pig production is developed.

    Industry is represented by food production and processing of agricultural products, woodworking, car and equipment repair. Oil production is carried out on the territory.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 5,2 MB
    Official site
  • Buzuluksky District




    It has a great forestry due to the largest forest area in the Region (forest covers over 20% of the territory). Federal entity “Natzionalny park “Buzuluksky Bor” is located here.

    Oil deposits with significant reserves are being developed as Buzuluk is considered the oil capital of the Orenburg region.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 800 КБ
    Official site
  • Gaisky District




    The presence of mineral resources creates conditions for development of industrial production. It has formed the Gai industrial hub, which is based on nonferrous metallurgy. They conduct works at Izhberdinsky open-pit mine to produce clay for drilling fluids on the territory, works are conducted at Khalilovsky magnesite deposit and Voskresensky clay deposit.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 4,1 MB
    Official site
  • Grachevsky District




    The main activity is agriculture, specialized in grains (important grain- crops are flinty and soft wheat, rye, millet, buckwheat) and meat-and- dairy production.

    There are Pokroskoye oil field and Novonikolskoye brick clay deposit on the territory.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 2,8 MB
    Official site
  • Dombarovsky District




    Mined minerals: coal, coper pyrite and polymetallic ore, kaolin clay, sand, gyps, graphite, etc. Over 40 chemical elements are estimated in ore of Dombarovsky district deposits.

    There are 5 major and medium size agricultural enterprises, 10 small enterprises and 287 households which produce grain, milk, meat, wool and down hair.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 2,2 MB
    Official site
  • Ileksky District




    The economy has an agricultural focus, which specializes in production of grain, meat, milk and wool. The main grain-crops are spring barley, spring wheat and fall rye.

    The industry is presented by following: food, building materials, timber and woodworking industries.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 4,2 MB
    Official site
  • Kvarkensky District




    Kvarkensky district is rich in natural resources and minerals. Gold and marble are mined here.

    Agriculture is developed: they breed cattle, sheep, horses and pigs. Out of grain-crops wheat and barley prevail, out of forage crops – corn, sunflower and oats.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 3 MB
    Official site
  • Krasnogvardeisky District




    Agriculture (grain production and dairy and meat livestock) is the basis of economic potential. Cultivated area is 111.9 k ha. The main grain- crop is spring wheat, significant crops are under winter.

    Sunflower is also grown. About 14% of all arable land is occupied by forage crops.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 2,2 MB
    Official site
  • Kuvandyksky District




    The mining industry is developed here. South-Ural cryolite plant (part of “Rusal” group) produces aluminum fluoride.

    Engineering industry of the District is represented by JSC “Kuvandyksky zavod kuznechno-pressovogo oborudovaniya “Dolina”.

    Thanks to “Kuvandyk365” resort the town is considered the mountain skiing capital of the Orenburg region.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 6,1 MB
    Official site
  • Kurmanaevsky District




    It is a producer of agricultural products (grain, meat, milk).

    The district has such resources as oil and gas. Oil-production companies operate on the territory: JSC ”Orenburgneft”, JSC “Orenburggeologia”, JSC “Neftinvest” and JSC “Eko-neft”.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 3,6 MB
    Official site
  • Matveevsky District




    The main economic strength is agriculture. The district specializes in production of grain, sunflower, potatoes and meat-and-dairy products. Agricultural products are produced by 6 agricultural production cooperatives (collective farms), 100 farm households, 4 individual entrepreneurs, 6 limited liability companies and private subsidiary farms.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 2,2 MB
    Official site
  • Novoorsky District




    The district has mineral deposits: copper-zink ore, various clays, building stones, sand and gravel mix and limestone.

    Enterprises also produce grain, vegetables, potatoes, milk, meat, eggs, fruits and fish.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 2,8 MB
    Official site
  • Novosergievsky District




    Mineral deposits: oil, chalk, brick clay, sand and gravel mix.

    The basis of agricultural production is grain and cattle breeding. The Novosergievsky elevator due to its capacity is one of the five major in Russia. The district has the largest number of cows among the Region’s agricultural enterprises. Area under crops - 173.9 k ha.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 2,2 MB
    Official site
  • Oktyabrsky District




    Industrial production consists mainly of manufacturing.

    There is also the Underground gas storage management (UGS) of LLC “Gazprom UGS” on the territory.

    Agricultural operations – grain and meat-and-dairy. Spring wheat and winter crops (rye, wheat) dominate in the gross grain harvest. Spring barley and millet are also distinguished.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 2,5 MB
    Official site
  • Pervomaisky District




    The district occupies a favourable position, it is located on the junction of for regions of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan: Orenburg, Samara and Saratov (RF) and East-Kazakhstan (RK).

    There are a lot of deposits of oil, oil shale, gas, phosphorite and construction material. Industry is represented by oil and gas production.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 3,9 MB
    Official site
  • Perevolotsky District




    Mineral resources make up a significant part of the Orenburg gas condensate field. The largest oil field is the Donetsko-Syrtovskoe.

    Kichkassky deposit of copper ore has been developed since pre- revolutionary times. Copper sandstones contain silver, cadmium and other metals together with copper.

    The economy has an agricultural orientation.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 1,9 MB
    Official site
  • Ponomaryovsky District




    13 oil deposits were found in the district: Ponomaryovskoye, Romanovskoye, Otradnenskoye, Grigoryevskoye, Alyabyevskoye, Besedinskoye and other. The average annual volume of oil production is about 472 k t.

    There is also Ponomaryevskoye deposit of brick clay.

    Agricultural land occupies 185 k ha, including 132 k ha of ploughland, 46 k ha of pastures and 7.3 t ha of heyfields.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 3,8 MB
    Official site
  • Sakmarsky District




    The economy has an agricultural orientation, industrial products are mainly produced by small entities and processing workshops of agricultural enterprises. Crop production is the main industry. Collective and farm households grow cattle: cows, pigs and sheep.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 3,6 MB
    Official site
  • Saraktashsky District




    One of the largest rural areas of the Orenburg region, for a number of years is among the leaders of the Region’s economy.

    The district specializes in grain, meat-and-dairy production. Almost 60% of the total area of grain crops is wheat. Milk production occupies the leading place in the Region.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 4,9 MB
    Official site
  • Svetlinsky District




    The district has deposits of nickel, copper-sulphur ore, gold, quartzite, clay and other minerals. The main enterprises are LLC “Buruktalsky nikelevy zavod”, “Buruktalskoye Rudoupravlenie”, JSC “Elevator “Rudny Klad”, SPK “Buruktalskoye”, etc.

    Agricultural specialization – grain and wool. The main grain crop is spring wheat, there are also significant crops of spring barley and millet.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 2 MB
    Official site
  • Severny District




    The main strategic objects are gas pipelines, oil pipelines, ethane pipelines, fuel pipes maintained by Severny LPU MG of LLC “Gazprom transgaz Samara”, Abdulisky LPU MG, LLC “Baiteks”, CJSC «Aloil”, JSC “Taftneft”, CJSC “Orenburgnefteotdacha”. Severny LPU MG is the main town-forming enterprise.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 2,9 MB
    Official site
  • Sol-Iletsky District




    The main mineral wealth is huge deposits of table salt. Developed by LLC “Russol” Sol-Iletsk deposit is one of the largest in Russia: there are also some reserve deposits.

    Sol-Iletsk is one of the main resorts of the Orenburg region: a tourist cluster “Solenye ozera” is being created here.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 5,1 MB
    Official site
  • Sorochinsky District




    The main sector of the economy is agriculture. There are 19 agricultural enterprises specializing in grain and meat-and-dairy production in the district.

    Out of minerals - the most important are oil deposits and construction materials deposits.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 4,7 MB
    Official site
  • Tashlinsky District




    Agroindustrial sector is the main one in the district’s economy. Its leading industry is agriculture. The total area of the land fund is 344 k ha, where 296.6 k ha are agricultural lands.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 2,2 MB
    Official site
  • Totsky District




    The district is agricultural. The total are of cropland is 255.3 k ha. Ploughland is 177.2 k ha. 155.2 k ha are tilled.

    Industry is presented by a small group of enterprises.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 2,8 MB
    Official site
  • Tyulgansky District




    Tyulgansky District is industrial-agricultural. Successfully developing and operating in the field of agricultural products processing such enterprises as LLC “Altyn” and LLC “Agroprompererabotka”.

    Industry is presented by JSC “Orenbyrgugol”. LLC “Orenburgugledobycha”, LLC “Tyulgansky mashinostroitelny zavod” with its branches, and LLC “Electromekhanichesky zavod”.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 2,7 MB
    Official site
  • Sharlyksky District




    The specialization of Sharlyksky district is agricultural: grain and meat- and-dairy. In the gross harvest of grain following crops are allocated: spring wheat, winter rye and barley, sunflower is also grown.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 2 MB
    Official site
  • Yasnensky okrug




    Industry employs about 40% of the working population, the main entities are JSC “Orenburgskie mineraly”, LLC “Yasnensky khlebzavod”, LLC “Keramos”, LLC “Kemakskoye”.

    The military training area “Yasny”, the settlement (closed administrative-territorial unit) Komarovsky and the military airfield “Yasny” are also there.

    District’s investment passport Format: Adobe PDF 2,5 MB
    Official site
Region’s municipal structures portal

Avantdarde of Development

Priority Projects

The Orenburg Region priority projects register includes about 40 companies, which are subjected to tax concession, securing of obligations and other preferences.

Manufacturing of import-substituting rigs for hard rocks drilling
  • Orenburg
  • 155
  • 279mln rub

ZBO Drill Industries, Inc. is planning to manufacture three product lines of surface and mine type drilling rigs compatible with system of directional drilling.

There are no Russian analogues of drilling rigs to be manufactured within the project. Imported analogues are supplied by Australian, Canadian and Swedish companies.

The implementation of this project will allow to increase company’s share on the market of exploration drilling equipment and tools in Russia from 15% to 30%. Up to the third part of manufactured goods is expected to be imported to CIS countries, UAE, Mongolia, Serbia, Turkey, countries of South-Eastern Asia and Africa.

Hotel “Hilton Garden Inn”

Four-star hotel under international Hilton Garden Inn brand.

The project area is about 12 k m2 includes 109 rooms, a restaurant, a bar, a multifunctional conference hall for 250 seats, business and fitness centers.

Construction and management is performed by JSC “Dema”.

Ferro-alloy production

The “NSplav” plant’s output are products based on chromium, aluminum and ferromolybdenum.

The product line comprises of degassed aluminothermic chromium in tablet form (production capacity — 240 tons per year), metallurgical chromium oxide (7 thousand tons per year), ferromolybdenum (300 tons per year), as well as aluminum powder.

Highly liquid goods are supplied to 40 countries with high-tech production: aviation, space, nuclear engineering and others.

Technical re-equipment of “Mednogorsky medno-serny kombinat”

LLC “Mednogorsky medno-serny kombinat” is carrying out technical re-equipment of the first technological system in the sulfuric acid shop, which will allow reducing emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere.

They are also introducing innovations in copper-smelting production, replacing gas purification equipment at the briquetting factory. In future UMMC is planning to finish technical re-equipment of the whole chemico-metallurgical complex of the plant. That will allow to significantly reduce emissions into the atmosphere and improve the town’s ecological situation.

Dairy production

LLC “Orenburgsky khladokombinat” manufactures more than 36 kinds of ice-cream with total volume of 12t per day. Starting 2015 company has launched production of milk, kefir, yogurt, cream, fermented baked cream, sour cream and cheese.

Construction materials production

“Volma-Orenburg” is the most modern plant in Russia for the production of dry mixes and partition blocks. The annual production volume of partition blocks is 540 k m2, as for dry mixes - 120 k t.

It is a full-cycle enterprise: from extraction and processing of raw materials to distribution of finished products. 3 thousand tons of gypsum are extracted and processed daily.

The company is included in the register of reliable suppliers of the Orenburg region. It was awarded А++ category of reliability, confirming the possibility of mutual investments, cooperation in science and technology.

Production of sunflower oil

LLC "Sorochinsky masloekstraktsionny zavod” produces sunflower oil in the amount of 170 tons per year, granulated husk and oilseed meal. Husk is used as fuel; meal is used for production of animal forage. The company processes 1200 t of sees daily.

The Orenburg region is one of the leading sunflower producers in the country, where 400-600 k t of this oilseed crop are grown. The oil extraction plant in Sorochinsk is located in the centre of sunflower production area, which minimizes the costs of delivery of raw materials to the place of sale.

Cremonini Group

Automated plant «ORENBEEF» for cattle slaughter and meat processing. The project is implemented fully and on time, it is planned to create a logistics center.

Industrial park «Orenburgskie mineraly»

The first in the Region private industrial park on the basis of one of the major mining and processing plants in Russia, providing half of the Russian and one quarter of the world’s chrysotile production.

The park includes a plant of building materials, a polypropylene bags workshop, a sewing workshop, a construction and repair shop, production and service management, an emulsion explosives plant, a training center and a logistics unit with its own railway terminal and warehouse infrastructure.

Already today the Industrial park has a wide range of possibilities for power, gas and water supply connections, capable of providing any production, it has got all required licenses. Experienced management and engineering personnel, the possibility to attract specialized staff will ensure necessary human resources and consulting services.

Industrial park “Orenburgsky pukhovy platok”

In 2014 the Industrial park “Orenburgsky pukhovy platok” became the winner of the competitive selection of investment projects conducted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in RF.

The first stage of the park is 23 k m2 of completely renovated facilities and offices, 4ha of landscaped land, over 600 parking lots, over 50 resident-enterprises, about one thousand employees and 15 k visitors.

The second stage of the park or the Centre of National Artistic Trades (CNAT), – 10 k m2 more. There are a multifunctional center (MFC), a fabric, an integrated plant, artels of knitters, warehouses for down hair, wool, yarn, finished products, a logistics center for procurement of down hair and wool, and selling of finished products, a training centre of knitting, a museum and an exhibition centre, a shop and a center of direct internet sales.

Regional logistics distribution center “Magnit”

The project with the area of 250 k m2 will provide work for over 1200 residents of the region. Total amount of investments is 1.8 bln rub, tax payments — over 3 bln rub.

It is necessary to boost labour productivity, annually increase by at least 5–6 percent. Behind these figures there is a growth of economy and enterprise efficiency, creation of modern work places and decent wages. V. Putin. Meeting of the Council for Strategic development and priority projects, March, 2017.

The Orenburg Region priority Invest Projects Register

Complete register of the Orenburg region priority projects is posted on the website of the regional Government

See The Register


Advantages Structure Technologies
Support Navigator Legal framework Public Private Partnership Export Centre

JSC “Orenburg Region Development Corporation“ is an integrated state operator for the development of investment sites an industrial parks on the Region’s territory. The main function of the company is all-in-one support of projects: information, legal, organizational support and consulting.

The Corporation was established in 2011 by the Region’s government under the Strategy of The Orenburg region development.

Since the moment of its creation dozens of projects of various size have been implemented, about 250 projects more are on different stages of analysis and preparation for implementation.

  • The government of the Orenburg region owns 100 % of JSC “Orenburg Region Development Corporation” authorized capital.
  • JSC “Orenburg Region Development Corporation“ Board of Directors consists of five field-specific Deputy Ministers and Executive authorities heads of departments.
  • The Director General of JSC “Orenburg Region Development Corporation” is Alexander Nikolaevich Sazonov.

Corporation's Key Advantages

Service in “one-stop-solution” mode for interaction of an investor and executive authorities

Provision of projects with resources of investment and venture funds, coordination of cooperation with regional and federal business development institutions

Selection of state participation in project financing mechanisms

Full transparency of investment projects support

Promotion of regional investment opportunities and projects on the territory of Russia and abroad

Assistance in creation of project teams for implementation of turnkey investment projects

Corporation governance and decision-making structure

Board of Directors Governor Municipalities Industry Development Fund and other funds Representatives of foreign and Russian Institutions in strategic areas Public Private Partnership Center, Vnesheconombank Representatives of the Orenburg Region Government Representatives of the Orenburg Region key infrastructural companies Representatives of the Orenburg Region key Federal structures Territory marketing Capital marketing Resource marketing

Development Corporation operating scheme

The OrenburgRegion Government А B C The Region’s goals Development strategies Industry sectors’ priorities Sources of fnancing Corporation technologies Corporation products Risk evaluation Industry sectors Investment project concept at the available site (industrial park) Ready for implementation investment project (with approved design and estimate documentation) Implemented investment project (put into operation)

Corporation Technologies

Recording, classification and forming the register of investment sites on the Orenburg region territory

One of the most successful examples of high–quality work with the investment site is the start of the Swiss company Omya activity in the Kvarkensky district.

Coordination of the municipal investment standard implementation

The Corporation is a coordinator of standard implementation on the Region’s territory.

  • The first stage is implementation 6 pilot municipalities (2014);
  • The second stage is scaling of the standard across the Region (2015- 2016).

Forming of the Public Private Partnership Center

The Public Private Partnership Center is formed on the basis of JSC Orenburg Region Development Corporation.

  • Full-scale expertise of projects: pre-project and project elaboration of investment suggestions of investors on the placement of new productive forces, infrastructural and social facilities in the Orenburg region;
  • Development of investment sites and industrial parks financing and development mechanisms, minimizing direct participation of the regional budget;
  • Projects support and management;
  • Investment consulting.

Support of investors in the work with the system of the Russian Federation trade missions

For projects which products have export potential, we provide support of communication with the system of trade missions of the Russian Federation.

Improvement of the Orenburg region legal framework in terms of state support obtaining procedure optimization

During the development of legal and regulatory documents that form the conditions of business conducting in the Region, the Corporation prepares its ideas and proposals, most of which are adopted at the legislative level and work successfully.

Diversification of mono-industry towns economy

The Region has several mono-industry towns economy of which requires reduction of dependence on township forming enterprises. The Corporation is successfully working in this direction. Examples of some diversification projects:

  • South-Ural plant of magnesium compounds;
  • Tourist and recreational cluster “Kuvandyk365”;
  • Svetlinsky ferronickel plant;
  • Svetlinsky Power Plant.

Key points of the Orenburg Region Governor’s Investment message

May 22, 2017, TK Region

Full version of The Message is on the Orenburg Region Government Portal

Investment message of the Orenburg Region Governor Format: Adobe PDF100 KB

Program «Vesti. Economy» Alexander Sazonov, Director General of the Corporation of Development

GTRK Orenburg, November 2015.

Program «Vesti. Economy» about the work of the Orenburg Region Development Corporation

GTRK Orenburg, December, 2015.

Corporation’s operating mode Short algorithm description of the Corporation’s work with an investment project initiator. Format: Adobe PDF170 КB
Interaction regulations of investment activity subjects in terms of supporting the implementation of investment projects in the Orenburg Region Format: MS Word33 KB
Required disclosure Set of documents, 2018 Format: RAR archive4.7 MB

10 главных причин инвестировать в проекты Оренбургской области


Powerful economy

The balance of industrial and agricultural production with a wide range of industries and agricultural sectors: from mineral production and to manufacturing of high-tech innovative equipment, from growing of selected wheat to producing world-class food.


Unique geographical position

For centuries the territory of the Region has been an intersection of the most important trade directions. Today the Orenburg Region shares borders with Kazakhstan, the main highway connecting Central Asia with European part of Russia passes through the Region. Lightly to the North there is the largest Trans-Siberian railroad, to the South – through the North and Central Kazakhstan – there is Mid-Siberian railroad.


Developed infrastructure

The Region has large power systems facilities, including the most powerful solar power plant in Russia. The Orenburg region is fully gasified. Transport infrastructure is represented by two international airports, developed roads and railway networks, which density is 2.5 times higher than the average for Russia.


Receptive consumer’s market

The two-million population with relatively high level of income ensures stable demand and attractive opportunities of the consumer’s market main sectors.


Wealth of natural resources

The Orenburg region is one of the leading regions in Russia in terms of natural resources, volume of explored reserves and production of minerals. More than 2.5 thousands of explored ore, oil, gas and minerals deposits, over one third of them are used for industrial purposes, provide for impressive investment perspectives.


Effective management team

Many years of experience and professionalism of the Region’s government, legislators, heads of departments, and business structures proved their effectiveness, which has been repeatedly appreciated at the Federal district and all Russia levels.


Great science potential

There are 4 own universities and 16 higher educational establishments, including branches of major Russian universities, annually have about 15 thousand graduates in over one hundred specialties. Yang scientists and dozens of research organizations implement about 150 science projects annually.


Reliable guarantees on investments

The Orenburg region is one of the country leaders in terms of business development and investment support. The regulatory framework created in the Region includes dozens of developed and practically «tested» solutions, which provide investors with reliable guarantees on many aspects of projects implementation.


Developed market of finance services

There are over 15 credit companies, including 6 regional banks in the Region. Total amount of bank units is more than 630.


High politico-social stability

Historically the Region was formed as a unique multinational and polyconfessional region: nowadays representatives of more than 120 nationalities live here, preserving traditions of intercultural cooperation, tolerance, openness, readiness for ethno-cultural and inter-religious dialogue.


The Orenburg Region Development Corporation

Telephone numbers

+7 (3532) 44-07-92
+7 (3532) 44-07-93
+7 (3532) 44-24-55



2d floor, 14/1, Zwilling St.,
460006, Orenburg,
Russian Federation

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